Enchanted Keys Key 7: Movement

Workout Buddy or Solo Fitness?

workout buddy

Workout buddy or solo fitness? Which suits you? Are you more likely to work out regularly when alone or with a buddy? That’s our focus. The answer is different for everyone.

We have to be sneakier than the Dragons to discover which motivates you to be a healthier and more toned you. Whether you’re “shedding for the wedding,” getting in shape for a reunion, following doctors’ orders, or simply taking charge of your health, let’s make it fun and successful!

                                                            ENCHANTED BENEFITS OF EACH:


-Can work out when you please

-No waiting for anyone else

-No accountability for level of workout

-No accountability for numbers on scale

-Can spontaneously do a video workout or decide to walk instead of going to gym

-Can listen to music with headphones during workout

-Can be quiet if you don’t feel like talking.


-May stay on regular schedule

-Can motivate you to push past personal best.

-Can cheer your weight loss or support you if you’ve gained

-Can help you stick to the plan

-Can process blocks or feelings

-Can share the driving

-Some programs are less expensive if shared

-May allow you to try a new class or form of exercise due to the courage and strength in numbers

If it’s a toss-up, make sure that you’re dividing your time between solo routines and group activities. You might walk solo for your walking meditations or join a walking club for the group interaction. You might lift solo or have a buddy who can spot you when challenging yourself. Your yoga practice may be solo or part of a group experience. You can dance alone, or go with a partner. Team sports involve other people but you might visit the batting cage alone. Dogs can be great workout buddies, providing exercise, company and protection! Figure out what works for you.

Please leave a comment about which you prefer.

And if you think of benefits in either category, add them to our list.

We don’t want to give the Dragons any power over us in their desire to keep us from being fit.


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