work-space-clutter-crowded-office furniture-declutter
Key 5: Reduced Clutter

Work Space Clutter-Tackle it and Ease Your Stress

Work Space Clutter-Tackle it and Ease Your Stress

Work space clutter can create stress for you on many levels. You may not even be aware of the impact, but it’s there. Work space clutter can affect your mood, mental clarity, and even make you anxious or short-tempered.

irk-space-clutter-crowded-office furniture-declutter

The Physical Clutter of Furniture

How many chairs do you have in your office? How many do you actually need? If you have more chairs than you need, can the extra ones be swapped out for folding chairs? If not, can they be kept in another space? Do you have a chair for others to sit in, but rarely have clients visit the office? See if that chair can be stored elsewhere until you need it.

Take a look at your other furniture. Is there more than one desk or table?  Do you have a desk, a coffee table, and a desk extension? See if your work space clutter is caused from too much furniture.


What’s on your desk? It’s nice to have photo of your human family, your dogs, or of a favorite vacation spot, but do you have several framed photos, a plant, decorative statues, likely received as gifts, and other objects that clutter your work space? Are there multiple empty coffee containers?

The Necessities

Consider what is necessary in your work space and remove everything else. Bring a large box and only take home with you the things that you absolutely want to keep. Maybe take items you don’t need right from the office to the recycling bin or to a place where they can be donated.


How many light sources do you have? Inadequate lighting can strain your eyes, causing tension, but you don’t want to have several desk lamps taking up space. Fluorescent lighting is tough on you, as well, so choose one source of light that’s stream-lined for the space.

Can you put folder/magazine holders on the wall, along with calendars, white boards, and other organizational items that you can get off the floor or desk? Do you make the most of vertical space?

Clutter Inside of Your Computer

If your desk is neat and you have space in which to move around your office, can you say the same for your Inbox? Craft a system that clears your emails out on a daily basis. DELETE those that you know you don’t need. Flag important ones, and respond to as many as you can in a 15 or 20 minute period. Click on FROM and answer all emails from that person or company in a single email, addressing all of their questions or concerns.


Close your eyes and envision your work space organized, clean, and uncluttered. Imagine yourself feeling empowered, calm, and tackling your work in an environment that works for you. Spend a few minutes walking around in that space, mentally. Once relaxed and refreshed, open your eyes. Consider what changes have to be made, and then make them, to reduce stress.

Clear work space clutter and stay enchanted!

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