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Winter Word That Conjures the Season of Winter For You?


Please share your winter word. If you missed Sunday’s post, you haven’t had a chance to play along and post one word that conjures winter for you. Here’s the link to that post since you don’t want to miss the prompts that offer you a winter self-gift registry. http://enchantedjourney.club/winter-solstice-2016/

Let today’s Enchanted Breath help you find your word. No matter which hemisphere you live in, you have winter. Even if it’s not occurring for you right now, one word can still capture the enchantment of the season for you.


Sage, the first of our Enchanted Journeyers to play along on my Instagram @drterrysegal chose:

COCOA for her word.


It has me envisioning little puffs of marshmallow bobbing up and down in the frothy hot chocolate drink. I picture a tall mug with a sturdy handle. I would like for it to have snow angels on it and an inspiring quote.


Cocoa doesn’t make a loud sound but, if you listen closely, you can hear the tiny rainbow bubbles popping at the edges of the yumminess as it cools in the mug.


Inhale deeply right now and let the steamy scent of the chocolate rise up inside of your nose. It’s so rich and delicious that if you inhale deeply enough you can taste it. Exhale deeply and inhale again, this time more slowly. Let the smell of chocolate, laced with the sweetness of marshmallows, fill your senses.


Notice the textures. The mug may have been hand thrown on a potter’s wheel. Maybe it’s a smooth ceramic with a rounded edge. Do you see how relaxed you can become just entering this imagery of a cup of cocoa?


Now think about your winter word. What visuals are associated with your word? What sounds? What scents? Tastes? Textures? Enjoy your winter word for a few more moments before returning to the mundane world and please remember to share it with us.

We are waiting…

Enchanted Breaths are the “ahh, the haha, and the aha! of life.”


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