Wind Chimes Carry the Earth’s Music to You

Wind Chimes Carry the Earth’s Music to You

Wind chimes kick off our month-long focus on Enchantment. One might think that we hardly need to have to be reminded of enchantment during December, but we do. It can be a month of stress and over-indulging in all ways. You can forget how important it is to stop and smell the poinsettias and listen to the calming sounds of the wind.


A Call to Meditation For Each Season

When you have wind chimes, you can pause to acknowledge that the element of wind is present. It’s a gentle call to stop and breathe deeply.

Autumn Winds

In the autumn winds, the chimes can signal you to look outside of the window and see leaves releasing themselves from the trees and twirling down to the ground. It’s a beautiful sight.

Winter Gusts

Blustery gusts of wind in winter can clang the chimes to alert you to the beauty of snow whipping around like crystalized powder. Tucked inside, nice and warm, you can still hear them.

Spring Breezes

In spring, the chimes touch one another lightly, heralding new growth and fresh beginnings. Wind chimes draw you into the rhythm of the season.

Summer Zephyrs

The chimes invite you to go outside in the summer breezes. The wind in the chimes creates grounding as you walk barefoot and connect with the wind and earth.

Wind Chimes as Gifts

Now to the enchantment part. I’ve mentioned before that wind chimes make lovely gifts. Every newlywed couple should be gifted with wind chimes, as should new home owners and those who have moved into an apartment. They are a lovely gift for all people in all seasons.

Enjoy the enchantment and use their gift of the earth’s music as an opportunity to meditate on the sound, if even for just a moment.

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