Key 5: Reduced Clutter

Week 9: Clear Clutter in Your Body, Mind, Spirit and Emotions

Dear Enchanted Ones, let’s clear some space so that you can breathe more deeply. March 2015 is all about Enchanted Key #5-Reduced Clutter. You are so wonderfully busy running around with Key #4 to Sensory Experiences that you’re seeing, hearing, smelling, tasting and touching everything. Well let’s not trip on your path because there is so much clutter in the way.

Mostly we think of clutter on the physical plane, but remember that it exists in our minds, bodies, spirits and emotions as well. If your life were a comic strip, we would see you bending down, picking up various items from your living space. As fast as you could collect all the stuff, Dragons would walk behind you, throwing new stuff on to the floor.

We all get the cluttered home or office thing, but in recent years savvy Dragons have added cluttered Inboxes to our lives, full digital storage files and too much in our newsfeed from our 4,000 Facebook friends. And don’t get them started with all of the “stuff” on our phones. Raise your hand if you have stayed up late, trying to just clear some items out, in order to get a handle on the next day. Dragons are holding a lot of arms up in the air! Dragons love it. The more there is crammed into a space, the greater number of them that can hide in it.

Physical clutter can be present in our environment or inside of our bodies, when we eat junk, take too many medications, don’t flush our systems with clean water, drink alcohol, take recreational drugs, smoke or overeat. It can also be overwhelmed with toxins from cleaning agents, pesticides, and chemicals in make-up, toothpaste, etc. This all creates stress.

Mental clutter is having too much on your mind and never sorting through and clearing it. Disorganization is a way that the Dragons of Stress lure you. Rather than take two extra seconds to put an item in its correct place, they suggest to you, “Oh, just put it here for right now. We will remember and tell you where it is when you need it.” You don’t remember where it is and they don’t tell you until you have returned from repurchasing it at the store. Too many commitments without a system to organize them have you miss appointments and feel overwhelmed.

Spiritual clutter is realized when thoughts and actions are only about you. No one else is considered, you try to make the Universe revolve around you and there is no compassion or acts of kindness directed elsewhere. Detached feelings from Divine Source, Nature or other people can suggest a sluggish spiritual practice.

Emotional clutter is collected and dragged from relationship to relationship without completion. It gets shoved into bigger and bigger bags and becomes very heavy, taxable baggage. Have you replayed old conversations from thirty years ago that may not have even happened the way you remember them? If you are still dredging those up, you are bogging yourself down. Relationships that you stay in fall into this category, as do negative self-talk, gossip about others, and various low vibrational acts that you know do not serve the Highest Good.

Over the next few weeks, we will pick these apart and by the end of March, you should have made room in at least one, if not all, of these areas.

Task for this week: Choose three things that clear space in your physical world. For example, you can clear the stuff off the floor of your car, empty the wastepaper basket in your bathroom, get rid of the pens that don’t write (this is an ongoing task), buy a new toothbrush and recycle all of the old ones. Don’t keep the one you use on your teeth on the left and put the one you clean the toilet rim with on the right.

Use your imagination and notice that you do feel lighter even when only three things have been cleared. Sharing generates ideas for others so I invite you to post what your three things include this week. We do care!

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