Enchanted Keys

Week 49: List 3 Dragons of Stress that Wreak Havoc in Your Life

Dear Enchanted Journeyers,

We find ourselves in the last few weeks of 2015, the season for Dragons to rear their ugly heads in the form of stress, low self-esteem, lack of boundaries and impulsive decisions.

When out of control, illness, injury, poor judgment, fatigue, and alcohol or substance abuse can result.

All month we’ll focus on retraining these beasts to do our bidding, rather than being chased by them. When they’re in their proper place, they become formidable protectors, strong allies, and powerful assistants.

This week, pay attention to the stress you’re experiencing. Become aware of what’s out of balance so that it can be aligned. We don’t go to a doctor and say, “Fix it,” without getting more specific about what hurts and how we believe the injury occurred.

Some soul-searching detective work is indicated. “What is your number one stressor going into this holiday season? Is it lack of money, time, health or energy? Is it driven by relationships and is it internally generated or from an external source? What other stressors are you dealing with? What are you doing to cope with them? Is your “cure” a healthy choice or one that is fueled by the Dragons?

Name your Dragons. All of them. Dragons of Insecurity, Dragons of Over-eating, Dragons of Doubt, Fear, Scarcity, or Relationships. Let’s round them up, as a start. That already begins to put you in charge of them and yourself.

Write their names in your journal or in a computer file or the Dragons of Amnesia will wipe out your memory of them. If you wish to share, post their names on the Enchanted Blog and we will work together to harness their power for good.




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