Week 48: Keep Calm & Stay Enchanted!

Dear Enchanted Journeyers,

Are your bellies still full from Thanksgiving? Hopefully your hearts are full of gratitude as well.

This week we are closing out the focus on STRESS!!!!!

We will continue to listen to its hum in the background, but I want to help you keep it there. Instead of the planned post for this week, I thought I’d share the events the led up to our Thanksgiving Day celebration, as a teaching moment.

Here’s the scenario. Our youngest out-of-state college daughter and her boyfriend flew in for the holiday to join the rest of the family, here. During the early part of the week, our son’s eye became irritated and he went to the eye doctor to discover he had a scratched cornea! “What?” Two days later, my eye was stinging, tearful and painful so I went to the eye doctor and learned that I, also, had a scratched cornea! You can’t catch that from someone else. Odd. I went to my evening yoga class and upon return, our eldest daughter said she and our youngest were coming over to share a story from the workday. Our seven year-old grandson was joining them. He didn’t have shoes on and so our youngest decided to carry him. She was on the steep driveway when her foot caught in the space between the cement and the grass and she rolled her ankle, twisting to deposit him on to the grass as the momentum of his weight carried her forward. She continued falling, broke her foot and fainted from the pain. We all spent the next several hours in the ER. I had some dinner at 1am, went to bed after 2am. Our “patient’s” foot began hurting badly at 5am and I had clients at 8am. That afternoon was taken up at the orthopedist’s office, when I was supposed to be doing the last minute shopping for Thanksgiving.

So…this brings me to the topic of stress. Even though I’ve been your Enchantress for lo these many years, I ALMOST succumbed to the Dragon chatter and began a cascade of stress, complete with pumping adrenaline. Well, maybe I went a tad past “ALMOST,” but caught myself in time.

Be on the lookout for these Dragons in your life. Thanksgiving dinner was at our house and I began to repeat, “There’s no way that everything will get done! There’s no way that everything will get done!” “We are going to be eating tunafish sandwiches for Thanksgiving Day!” I’d count the hours of possible time to cook, set the table decoratively, create the tablescape, etc., and one of my main chefs (our daughter who was in pain and medicated) couldn’t even stand up to gather the ingredients for her dishes. AUGH.

But then a lovely miracle happened. Our sweet adult children echoed back words that have been spoken to them over the years that brought me a deep sense of peace. They reminded me that it doesn’t have to look like Martha Stewart’s team of decorators, cooks, and memory makers were on the scene. It wouldn’t matter if we did eat tunafish sandwiches. That being together and grateful for all we have is what is meaningful. And I relaxed. I banished the Dragons to the garage and all was well. It was even better than if I had just remembered all of that for myself, because it came from them.

And guess what? The table got set. The tablescape was created. The food got prepared and was delicious and we spent even more time than usual, going around the table, passing the Pilgrim salt and pepper shakers from person to person so each of us could express, at length, what we are grateful for.

As we move into this holiday season and our next month’s focus on the Dragons and their sidetracking chatter, let’s be vigilant, guarding our calm peacefulness.

Stay enchanted.


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