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Week 46: Are You Chasing a Fantasy?

Dear Enchanted Peeps,

Week 46 of 2015 finds us pondering whether we’re chasing a fantasy of what the holidays should look like or whether Dragons are masquerading and chasing us.

Let’s just consider Thanksgiving Day for now. Who here doesn’t picture that famous Norman Rockwell painting of the family gathered together at the table? Times are simple. Families are close. Neighbors help one another. No work takes place and certainly no shopping. It’s about family, friends, food and gratitude. The biggest issue in a family may be the father’s concern if he can afford that bright, shiny bicycle as a holiday gift for his child. There are no drugs, addictions, no transgendered, interfaith, interracial issues and no technology that connects but also opens the world in a kaleidoscope lens that can’t be closed. There isn’t untamed violence in the world and people aren’t divided.

Raise your hand if you live in the world of this painting.

I don’t see any hands up.

But raise your hand if, for this one day, you want to live the fantasy. Whoa! Many hands are up.

Personally, living in the world of Rockwell’s painting seems delicious. And there is nothing wrong with trying to create it.

What is out of balance is the toll it can take on you if you don’t realize that you’re chasing a fantasy. Maybe half of the people at your table want to gobble up in fifteen minutes, the food you’ve been preparing for weeks so they can go watch the football game. Perhaps your younger attendees are texting with their knees so they aren’t discovered texting at the table. One guest may be gluten-free while another doesn’t eat dairy. A third and fourth are vegetarians while the animal rights person groans when the turkey is placed as the centerpiece on the table. People showed up whom you didn’t invite and others who said they’d come didn’t have the courtesy to call to say they weren’t able to do so.

Raise your hand if this sounds familiar.

A sea of hands are in the air.

The Dragons of Perfection love to jump on the bandwagon of celebrations. They give you a checklist of ways you’ll be viewed as a superstar, loved, and admired, such as cooking the best food, decorating in the grandest way, are the coolest with allowing the TV to be on during the meal, etc.

Are you lightheaded? Breathe with me.

Start to think about your fantasies of Thanksgiving vs. the way it is likely to be. I’ll give you an Enchanted Key Journaling exercise later in the week, but for now, just get clear on your fantasies.

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