Enchanted Keys

Week 41: Leaf Watching

Hellooooooo, Enchanted Journeyers,
This week’s enchantment invites you to pay attention to leaves, on or off the trees. If it’s autumn where you are, and you’re lucky enough to be surrounded by leaves who are changing their gowns, then you can marvel at the vibrant shades of Alizarin Crimson, Yellow Ochre, Gold, Burnt Umber, Orange, and Sap Green.

If you live in a climate where the leaves don’t change color, they are still magnificent to observe. Count how many variations of green there are. If it’s spring in your corner of the world, note the fresh verdant green of new growth.

It’s a joke in my family, that every year I state that the leaves are more gorgeous than the year before. Leaves bursting forth with color are the equivalent of natural fireworks! “Ooooh, ahhh!” Brighter and more beautiful each time they appear.

Here’s your prompt for the week to help you banish stress and connect with your soul through communing with nature:

Go outside (that’s a great start!) and select one leaf that calls to you. If it’s still attached to the tree, hold it in your hands but don’t pluck it off. If it has fallen, then pick it up and hold it.

Take a few deep, slow, restorative breaths, followed by tension-reducing exhales. Admire your special leaf. Notice its tiny veins, shape, its edges, and variegated hues. Let yourself be in awe of the wonders of this creation. Be with it for several minutes and see where it takes you. You may decide to leave it where you found it or take it home to press into a book or display on your table.

When I discover leaves I have pressed from years ago, it’s always a treat. I keep some inside of my recipe books so that when it’s Thanksgiving, I open to those favorite pages and am gifted with the joy from those leaves all over again.

You are a part of your leaf’s life and it becomes a part of yours.

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