Enchanted Keys

Week 40: That’s Music to My Ears

Dear Enchanted Lovers of Music,
The topic of enchantment this week is music, and not just any music, but the music that stirs YOUR soul.
It’s as individual as each soul itself.

Some people love the heart pounding beat of Hip Hop music while others are soothed by jazz. Maybe Baroque music is your thing or bagpipes. Whatever you love to listen to is just right. Often, people tend to be very defensive about their music preferences, but regardless of what styles of music you enjoy, we can all agree that it has the power to transport us.

A song can come on the radio that reminds us of a tender first kiss, a great night out with friends, or a loved one’s favorite tune. Once one sense memory is activated, all of the other senses can become flooded with memories of their own.

I just closed my eyes and invited a song to pop into my mind. “Time of the Season” is what returned to me. It was recorded by the British rock band, The Zombies, and was featured on their 1968 (OH MY!) album Odessey and Oracle. I’m smiling at the sweet memories tied up with that song.

Try this exercise and please post a comment on The Enchanted Blog to share what song carries you back and where it takes you.

Thank you to Sage Segal and Aaron Noll for this beautiful photo.

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