Key 3: Journaling

Week 4: Art Journaling

Draw it into your world
Greetings, Journaling Journeyers,
Art Journaling closes out our month on this Enchanted Key. Art journaling is recording images, thoughts and feelings without words. Often a few words are added, but it is different from the journals that are all about writing.

Get imaginative by cutting and pasting images online or sit cross-legged on the floor with your journal, magazines, scissors and glue. You can literally draw your feelings out. Maybe you scan through a magazine and see someone with a sad face. You can draw a stick figure and put that person’s head on it and write what you are sad about next to it. Or use a photo of yourself and glue it into the scene. Or draw with your non-dominant hand, without expectation.

Don’t let the Dragons take over. Remember to journal when you are happy as well! Having a record that you were joyful can be useful during the down times when it feels as if you have never felt that way. It also reminds you about what was occurring that made you feel good. If it happened to be because you discovered a pond you didn’t know was there you can go visit the pond again, or, with journal in hand, go out to discover something else on an adventure walk.

Draw, paint, doodle, collage or make a digital art journal and the process, itself, becomes therapeutic. The picture, above, became a reality after I drew it. I loved the purple Adirondack chairs so much that those of you who have been to my office know that I have them outside in my outdoor waiting area. I went to the hardware store, bought the unfinished chairs,got some purple paint and love seeing them every day. Draw your joy into being.

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