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Week 39: Do You Think Seeking Enchantment is For the Birds?

If so, you are right! Enchantment flies in on winged creatures this week. For those who have just joined us, we are discovering enchantment opportunities in our daily lives that we may have been overlooking.

Birds bring us the gifts of song and beauty as they soar through the air or perch on a branch. Whether we observe the tiniest hummingbirds at our window feeders or eagles high above the treetops, birds offer us a higher perspective. They remind us to zoom up to view our issues at a distance and then swoop back down to take action on them. They carry their own kind of enchantment.

Native American Medicine Cards feature animal spirits that include our feathered friends. I use a deck by Jamie Sams and David Carson. Included is a book with explanations for each animal card and how to do a spread. I draw a card each morning to bring my awareness to its message.

In my contemporary women’s fiction novel, Hidden Corners of My Heart, Janna, the main character, turns to the cards for guidance and you can learn, right along with her, what they mean and how to use them to deepen your connection to yourself and the animal spirit world.

Here are qualities associated with some of the enchanting birds of the earth:
Turkey-give away
Grouse-sacred spiral
Blue Heron-self-reflection

Watch for these winged messengers and share your discoveries with us by posting a comment on the Enchanted Blog. Be sure to check out the book, too! It’s more than just a juicy read.

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