Key 10: Meditation

Week 35: Daily Practice of Meditation

Dear Tranquil and Enchanted Journeyers,

Can you believe that we are closing out our month’s long exploration of Enchanted Key #10-Meditation? How have you done? Had any Zen moments this month? If so, take a bow. You are one step closer to harnessing the power of the Dragons and getting them to work for you.

This week is all about the practical application of adding meditation to your life. I think it helps when we hear from others about how they do it. So I’ll start it off and you can leave a comment on The Enchanted Blog to share how you do it or plan to do it.

It has to be simple or let’s face it, the Dragons will win and we won’t meditate. Even now, after all of these years as your Enchantress, there are days in which I waste a good five minutes listening to the Dragons yammer on with the reasons I really can’t meditate that day. Go Nike and JUST DO IT.

Here’s what the daily practice looks like for me. Upon awakening, I go into my art studio, just off the bedroom, to the space I’ve designated for meditation. Our dog, Toffee, inhabits the Zen space when I vacate it, and sets her intention for the day to rest, play, stretch, eat, drink water, walk, roll around and smile at everyone. (We need to set those same intentions!)

I have a comfortable purple sofa on which I sit, cross-legged, with a cushion supporting my back. I put on restful, yet inspiring, instrumental, Celtic music that has environmental sounds. (Check out Adrian Von Ziegler if you don’t know him already! He is clearly a prince among men.) I sometimes dab essential oils under my nostrils to add a sensory layer. You might try lavender for calming, eucalyptus for cleansing, bergamot for matters of the heart, etc.

My journal and pen are near me and I set my phone timer for 20 minutes. A few deep and cleansing breaths begin the process and I declare perfect health and balance in my body, mind, spirit and emotions. If there is some issue I’m wrestling with or will face that day, I ask a question about it aloud and then quiet myself to see what bubbles up from outside of the Dragon loop.

When in need of healing (I’ve been kicking out a nasty sinus infection) then I spend time focusing on a vision of my healed self, feeling well, with energy restored. If it’s a relationship challenge, I’ll ask how to heal it and relax into possibilities.

When the timer rings, I set it for 10 minutes and journal what came up for me. My friend, Dr. David Eichler, suggested that when I get overwhelmed with possibilities (which I sometimes do) that I could list three things I’d like to accomplish for that day. Very often, I end my meditation with selecting those three things. I solidify them by writing them in my journal and then when I forget what I’m doing because I jumped into life after meditating, I have a reference point that keeps me on track.

Meditation becomes quiet, restorative, energizing, delicious time just for you. When you think of it that way, instead of a chore, as Dragon would have you do, it’s easy to awaken thirty minutes earlier to begin your day.

So share your thoughts with us. We’re all part of the same big tapestry!

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