Key 9: Nature

Week 30: The Gift of Nature

Dear Outdoorsy Enchanted Journeyers,
Can you believe that we are at the end of a month of nature watching? We, of course, will continue to bird watch and leaf watch, hug trees, etc., but our attention will shift to Enchanted Key #10-Meditation.

This past week I’ve been celebrating my decade-changing birthday at the beach. It’s still my all-time favorite place in nature to be. While I’ve always been a nature explorer in my garden, I decided that as a birthday present to myself I would create a fairy garden to honor the elemental world.

Our youngest painted an old garden cart cobalt blue for me and I planted tiny flower clusters in the soil. I gathered items I had about our home and repurposed them. The old fish tank house became the fairy house and odd earrings adorn the archway under which a fairy sits. A golf ball represents the moon. I’m making a tiny fairy door to the Queendom at the base of a tree with windows that trail up the trunk. A strip of burlap marks the walkway. A marble on a stand becomes a gazing ball. I’m looking forward to adding to it in the fall when fairy hats, aka acorn tops, become readily available. Photos will follow as it progresses.

Make a plan to get into nature, gaze at it outside of the window, bring it indoors and connect! Share with us on The Enchanted Blog how you have aligned yourself with nature.

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