Key 9: Nature

Week 29: Bringing Nature In

Dear Enchanted Journeyers,
This week, as we continue to earn Enchanted Key #9-Nature, we’ll consider ways to bring the outdoors in. That doesn’t mean leave the front door open so squirrels can scamper through your bedroom.

Sometimes it isn’t ideal to be outside. Young children and “seasoned citizens,” as I prefer to call them, can be extra sensitive to the heat or cold. Ice covered sidewalks in winter can be dangerous. Thunder and lightning storms are magical, but best not experienced while outside.

You might think that the Dragons commandeered my computer but I will tell you that I agree with them on this. Let’s not stop there, though. I can offer alternatives so that Mother Nature isn’t forgotten once you’re inside.

Container gardening is one way to tend to a garden indoors. You can grow tasty and healing herbs in a sunny windowsill, delicious strawberries on the porch or vegetables that you train to grown vertically, in pots.

My birthday is next week and my youngest daughter and her boyfriend surprised me with a raised garden bed that is waist high so that my herbs and flowers are handy right on the deck. I do have a thriving herb garden in the yard but they commented that it would be more convenient if it were right off the kitchen and out where the grill is, so that I could just snip off some sprigs of rosemary to toss across the salmon, adding its smoky, woodsy flavor, or pluck off basil, tear it, and sprinkle it on to my omelets or grilled vegetable sandwiches.

So he built it and she painted it my favorite color! Purple, of course. I LOVE IT! It’s large enough to grow spinach in during the fall, squash and mini pumpkins, just in time for Halloween. I do also have organic chocolate mint growing in it, which is so yummy to add to my tea or water. I’m excited by the possibilities.

It’s easy to forget what season it is when the air, inside, is likely conditioned and the lighting is possible through a flip of the switch. Oh, I’m all for modern conveniences but creating a nature table at your entrance helps to appreciate the season. They usually contain natural elements that have been offered up, such as a Blue Jay’s feather, acorns, pinecones, shells or a heart-shaped leaf but I admit I like to add fairies or angels to the table that oversee everything. Always be mindful not to disturb nature to bring it inside. Birds need their nests, for instance.

The cold of winter doesn’t have to leave you wanting, either. You can set a lovely scene out of the window to enjoy when it’s too cold to venture out. Birdbaths and feeders, along with suet and peanut butter hung in the trees bring life to a winter yard. How beautiful it is to see a bright, red Cardinal on the snow-covered bench. Wind chimes are another way to enjoy the earth’s music brought on the breezes. Cutting flowers in the garden that grace your table also make life enchanting. Display the pictures of your tree bark rubbings, take photos of birds and frogs, and interesting cloud formations.

Get out there or explore ways to celebrate nature from inside. Please share with us on The Enchanted Blog by leaving a comment! We love to hear from you.

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