Key 9: Nature


mother nature free shows

Dear Barefooted Journeyers,

We’ve just begun to tiptoe into our adventure with Enchanted Key, #9-Nature. Did you recall that cozy or expansive childhood place in nature that was all yours? Maybe you camped in a national forest or your backyard, catching fireflies in a vented jar for light.

Speaking of light, it’s time we turned the search light on to the Dragons who would have you stay inside, breathing artificial air and only able to view objects powered by flipping a switch (as opposed to sun or moonlight.)

For me, I’m always battling the Lemmejust Dragon. That’s the one who calls to you and says, “Of course we can go for a walk, but lemmejust…throw in a load of laundry first, paint the house, find a cure for illness, consider ways toward world peace, have a PBJ sandwich, etc. etc.”

What keeps you inside?
Too hot? Too cold? Too dangerous? Too messy?
What have your particular Dragons convinced you of that keeps you from the exploration of trees, water, flowers, sky, stars, sand, snow, mountains, rivers, earth and air? Do yourself a favor and jot down the reasons your Dragons keep you locked up, in more ways than one.

Sweat can be showered off.
Safely walking or standing barefoot on a patch of Mother Earth reconnects us to the grid of the Universe and grounds us.
If it’s cold where you are, dress in layers and take a thermos of warming tea with you.
Use common sense and get neither frostbite nor sunburn but get out there to see what you might see!

Don’t miss Mother Nature’s free, spectacular show that awaits you. The sense memories become yours to keep for a lifetime.

Please post a comment on The Enchanted Blog, about how those sneaky Dragons ALMOST kept you in and what you broke free from them to do.

We can’t wait to read it!

Thank you to Sage Segal for this magnificent photo of her and a friend at Yosemite. Breathtaking!

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