Key 8: Art

Week 26: Art Treasures from the Genius Box

Dear Artsy Journeyers,
Can you believe that we are wrapping up our focus on Enchanted Key #8-Art? Hang on to your hat because this week the Dragons will try to knock it off. I am inviting you to MAKE art. We’ve covered looking at art, how the Dragons thwart creativity, observing and appreciating art in everything and now, (drum roll please) it’s time to actually make art.

Oh the Dragon chatter is deafening! Take a few deep and purifying breaths, exhale and listen to what your Dragons are saying about making art. “You don’t have time to waste,” or “What makes you think you have any talent?” How about, “You don’t have money for art supplies!”

Maybe someone laughed at your art several decades ago and you swore you would never again put crayon, marker, or paint to paper. Now is the time to leave that in the past, where it belongs. Don’t be the bringer of that negativity into the present. If you want to finger paint, do it! You can use your #2 pencil to doodle if you wish, but please make some art this week, preferable today and every day this week.

When I was very small I used to stand on my tiptoes to see over the edge of the dining room table where my mom would spread out the contents of what she called her “Genius Box.” Her name was Jeanne and so there was a play on words. Everyone called her a “Jeanne-ius.” Shiny sequined stars glimmered in the light. There were various sized Styrofoam balls (before we knew they are bad for the environment) and pins with colorful heads, glitter tubes, markers, pipe cleaners (now referred to as chenille stems) and ribbons, rick rack, and faux flowers. What a glorious day it was when I was first invited to create at the table! Every rainy day, or any chance I had, all I wanted to do was dive into the Genius Box.

It’s been two years since my mother passed, at the age of 91, and I’ve just now brought myself to cleaning out her worldly possessions. It was a challenging task, but the hardest part has been saved for last, sifting through her art supplies. I came upon her Genius Box. Jars and jars filled with pearls and netting and shiny rhinestones and buttons expanded my heart and also made me sob at missing her.

I opened each jar and tiny orange pill bottle that held the smallest of treasures. I was lucky enough to discover some of her creations and will cherish them. In a small silver film canister, I also found the watch she wore when I was a child. I used to trace its face with my finger when she read to me. Quite shockingly, it was still ticking and keeping time. I’m sure that I don’t know how that is possible but it’s true.

I took that as a wink from her, on the other side of the veil, with the reminder that there is always time to make art. So both she and I ask you to explore an art form that makes your heart sing. Without even intending to, you might create something that is a lasting treasure for someone you love.

Mom departed this earth before I felt bold enough to open my Etsy shop to share my art with others. But I think she knows now and is happy. If you would like to visit it, here is the link.
I can dip into my Genius Box and create something custom made, just for you if you wish.

Enjoy creating and please share on The Enchanted Blog what you’ve made. We are here to support and encourage your beautiful self-expression.

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