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Week 25: Enchanted Summer Gift Registry

Hello sunny-faced Enchanted Journeyers. We begin a new season! In the Northern Hemisphere we celebrate the summer solstice. Summer is set to arrive today, Sunday, June 21, 2015 at 12:38pm, on Father’s Day. We celebrate Dads and the longest day of light for us all year.
If you live in a different hemisphere, I invite you to apply the seasonal gift registry to your anticipated season.

I started the idea of a self Gift Registry at the beginning of each season. The gifts are experiential and earn you as many Enchanted Keys as possible. Here’s how it works: You set aside some time to quiet yourself and meditate on the upcoming season. Make it approximately twenty minutes. Immerse yourself in the sights, sounds, smells, tastes and textures of the season. Then you schedule moments to experience these things on the calendar so you feel abundant at the close of the season. Grant yourself Enchanted Keys: Mindfulness, Altered Perceptions, Journaling, Sensory Experiences, Reduced Clutter, Humor, Movement, Art, Nature, and Meditation.

Summer Meditation: Find a comfortable position. (Preferably at the base of a tree.) Take a few deep, cleansing breaths and exhale fully. As your physical body relaxes, envision your own picture of summer. You might see yourself walking barefoot on a sandy beach or through soft, freshly mowed grass. Notice the sights, like the appearance of fireflies at night, brightly colored flowers in bloom, lush green-leaved trees that provide pockets of shade and cobalt blue skies.

Let your sense-memory shift to the sounds of summer that bring you joy, laughter or peace. Open windows allow for the night song of tree frogs. Birds sing from sunrise ‘til sunset. Maybe you are lucky enough to fall asleep to the rhythmic sound of crashing waves on the ocean.

Drift to the smells of the season. We breathe in heat and the scent of cool rain in the late afternoons. Summer barbeques with grilled corn, fresh rosemary and basil, along with smoke-kissed pineapple and mango provide delicious fragrances. Sunscreen, with citrus or coconut, wafts the scents of the season on gentle breezes. We also enjoy honeysuckle, gardenias or night-blooming jasmine perfuming the air.

Taste summer with crisp salads, ripe tomatoes, juicy strawberries and watermelon. Maybe it’s a ballpark frank or a pitcher of sweet tea or lemonade next to your rocker on the porch that connect you to the season. Cool water never tasted so good, as it does after a long hike. Let yourself recall what summers held for you as a child.

Touch or textures might include the rich soil you sift through your fingers as you tend to your garden. I recall swimming in the South Florida community pool on the hottest days of my youth, the skin on my fingers and toes, shriveled. The rough stone around the pool contrasted with the pool’s slick floor.

Summer will come to a close as autumn begins this year on Wednesday, September 23, 2015, at 4:21 a.m. Take yourself to the end of the season and consider what you will have missed if you don’t experience it. Then make a plan to do those things. Schedule them on your calendar or the Dragons will make you forget you ever dreamt of them.

Please post your comments on The Enchanted Blog about what’s on your calendar to savor. You may spark beautiful memories for another Journeyer with your sharing.

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