Key 7: Movement

Week 20: Movement = Improvement

movement = improvement
Salutations, enchanted movers and shakers!

Have you been earning your Enchanted Key #7 to movement? You get kudos if you’ve even been thinking about it.

Do you realize that movement is available in so many forms that it’s nearly impossible to avoid? If your Dragons work hard to make you sidestep the issue, tell them that sidestepping is movement too!

Fitness used to be a series of jumping jacks, running in place, squat thrusts, pull-ups and push-ups. There is actually a trend now, back toward these old school exercises that fits into a circuit-training model. Thank goodness, however, we don’t need to wear those awful “gymsuits” that looked like tops attached to puffy bloomers.

Like with anything, Dragons can pull us into ruts. You may be considering exercises that you knew of a hundred years ago. Now there are kettle bells to lift; cross-fit training that does wonders for health, physical sculpting and camaraderie, hot Vinyasa-flow Yoga and Yoga/Pilates combo classes. Ballet barre group fitness classes are not just for ballerinas.

Figure out what you love to do. Would you rather get your fitness through walking, dancing, or using equipment as the primary focus? You want a blend of cardio, stretching and weight-bearing exercises but if your Dragons complain about hating it constantly, you won’t do anything. Don’t let them win. Step 1 is to figure out how you enjoy moving.

Here is some Dragon chatter that may sound familiar.
“I can’t afford a trainer. They’re all too expensive.” Most gyms offer a complimentary training session to help you target your goals. Take advantage of that and perhaps budget for a set number of sessions beyond that. Ask for the sessions for birthday and holiday gifts.

“I’m too tired after work,” OR, “I can’t go before work because it’s too early.” These are interchangeable. There is also the popular “I certainly don’t want to go on the weekends when I just want to rest!” Set a time to honor yourself with your workout routine. If improved health, reduced stress, longevity, augmented self-esteem, looking smokin’ hot, etc. are not incentive enough, set small (non-food or drink related) rewards for achieving your goals. Start moving yourself around three times a week and increase to five or six.

Your workouts don’t have to be two hours long. You might walk for 30 minutes of your lunch hour, then hit the gym for 30 minutes after work. It can be a wonderful transition between the worries of work and the chores of home.

Oh, how about this one? “I’m too hungry after work. All I want to do is go home and eat.” Have a protein source already packed that will tide you over. It can be hard-boiled eggs, nuts, no-sugar nut butter on celery sticks or a lean, low-sodium deli slice or two of turkey or chicken. If you’re really organized, you can make two protein shakes for breakfast and keep one refrigerated for after work, to enjoy on the way to the gym.

Movement must become part of your routine like brushing your teeth. You don’t consider each night whether or not you feel like it. As Nike suggests, you “just do it.” Brilliant. You schedule it. You show up. You do it. Done!

Listen to your body, not your Dragons. If you feel depleted, opt for a snack and then do a modified workout but stay on track. If you should fall off the track, you might hear your Dragons say, “Oh well…since you didn’t go then anyway, you might as well just…” and you can fill in the blank. Instead, have a snappy come back for them that gets you right back up on the horse. Horseback riding is quite a workout!

Pick something you love to do, start there and change it up with the seasons if you like. It can also be very comforting to know what your routine is. For example, you don’t have to think if you do cardio on certain days, weights on others, dance and yoga or cross-fit and it’s on your calendar.

Let me hear from you about your routines or the Dragon chatter that thwarts it! Post a comment on this Enchanted Blog. We are all humans in this human race. It’s not about being perfect, or competition, it’s about being better than you were.

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