Key 7: Movement

Week 19: What Are Your Core Beliefs About Fitness?

Dear Enchanted Offspring of Mothers Everywhere,
Happy Mother’s Day! Whether or not you began this life as an enchanted journey, you are in charge of creating one now. One of the ways to earn Enchanted Key #7-Movement and keep the vessel of your physical body, your mind and your emotions balanced, is to engage in some kind of movement each day.

Take a moment to reflect on your family of origin values about exercise, dance, sports, etc. I grew up in an era in which girls did ballet and boys played sports. I remember that, much later on, some football players were told that they would benefit from ballet classes to increase their flexibility. They were horrified. A few did it on a dare and it proved to be very beneficial.

So what were the messages in your family about exercise? Was it a spectator sport? Did your family engage in a particular form of exercise as a family? What were your early beliefs about fitness? Raise your hand if you remember Jack LaLanne. For those of you with your hands down, he was an American fitness, exercise, and nutritional expert and motivational speaker who is sometimes called “the Godfather of Fitness.” Apparently he had been addicted to sugar as a teen and also had behavioral problems. He completely changed his life then, by altering his diet and including exercise and body-building into his daily routine. He was, and will always be, an icon of fitness and health. He lived to the age of 96 and died in 2011, from pneumonia. He had written a book to celebrate his 95th birthday, titled, Live Young Forever. He exercised right up until the day he died. In the photo above, he was 71 years young.

This week I invite you to think about your childhood messages about dance, movement, sports and fitness exercises. How did they shape your beliefs today? Consider what you would like to change and post a comment on the Enchanted Blog to share with us if you would.

We are all in this together.

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