Key 7: Movement

Week 18: Enchanted Key #7 is Movement

Welcome, my dear Enchanted Journeyers, to the month-long focus on Enchanted Key #7 Movement! We will explore many types of movement, as well as the Dragons who try to thwart them. Then we will move on to tailoring a plan for what works for YOU. With more movement in your life, you will be calmer, stronger, healthier, and may even have the energy and desire to go swimsuit shopping. Just sayin’…

Today’s post highlights the benefits of movement. Do you already hear the Dragon chatter? It sounds like: “Yeah, yeah, yeah, I know all of this. Let’s go eat some banana cream pie!” Or, “She really means ‘exercise.’ We don’t do that and for a double whammy, you should feel very guilty about it. Let’s go take a nap!”

Enchanted Key #7 can help you to “banish stress and transform your life into an enchanted journey.” If you think your movement options are limited, you might be surprised to learn that you are exercising restricted thinking.

Do you know that you likely have old Dragon tapes regarding your beliefs about movement? Well they’ve been upgraded to apps but they’re still keeping you from engaging in one of the easiest and greatest stress reducers available.

Just like with fashion and design, there are trends in exercise and fitness. Who hasn’t bought an expensive clothes rack, also known as a treadmill, thinking that since it’s at home, of course you will exercise all of the time? While many new ones continue to appear on commercials, the trend is away from isolated home fitness and toward getting out to meet workout buddies, going back to the core basics, creating workouts that are functional for your body’s challenges and schedule, and combining workouts that honor the mind/body connection.

Next week I’ll get into more specifics of what’s available but for now, let’s review the benefits (Shh! Dragons) so you can choose which one appeals the most to you as a reason to get moving.

Benefits of movement: Journey Guide, Louise Hay, author and cancer survivor, states that “movement strengthens our bones and keeps our bodies youthful.” Journey Guide, Dr. Norm Shealy, neurosurgeon and author, believes that “adequate physical exercise increases your tolerance for social, emotional and even chemical stress.” Journey Guide, Jon Kabat-Zinn, mindfulness meditation specialist, recognizes the positive effects of walking meditations on people who suffer from anxiety-related conditions. Additional proven benefits are that movement lowers blood pressure, develops flexibility, aids in balance, relaxation and possibly the prevention of Alzheimer’s. And the beat goes on…

Your mission is to move through this journey in the best shape possible. So push that oversized Dragon aside and open yourself to new possibilities. I’ll walk on the path with you.

For this week, just observe your thoughts about movement and the Dragons that keep you from the freedom of feeling and looking great!

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