Key 6: Humor

Week 17: Ways to Invite Humor into Your Life

Laugh out Loud kitty
Dearest Journeyers,
You know how you think you’ll remember events that are hilariously funny? You won’t. This is probably the ONLY time you’ll ever hear me agree with a Dragon. If you don’t write it down or record it in some way, the chances are that the episode will slip into forgotten oblivion. It’s just human nature. Sometimes you might even remember that something was uproariously funny and still not remember what it actually was.

I invite you to record your humorous memories. You might write them in a journal, make a video or tell them to others. Even if a number of them fall into the category of, “you had to be there,” you were there and can retrieve the entire scenario from your memory bank with the right prompts. The perk is that you get to enjoy it all over again.

You Tube is a great resource for funny videos. As I’ve mentioned, babies and animals provide endless humor, as do books, movies and TV shows. Many of the best moments are priceless mundane occurrences that have a twist that make them funny.

There was the time in my early dating years when a young man I had only been out with twice, was holding my hand in both of his. We were at a restaurant and he squeezed my hand and rubbed it, working his way up my arm, which I thought odd. Then he began patting me around my elbow and bicep. I finally asked what he was doing. With that, he reached up the sleeve of my blouse and pulled out a blue foam dryer sheet! I was horrified and laughed all throughout the evening about it. I’m still laughing, several decades later.

Then there was the time, recently, when one of my daughters and I accepted a ride home from an event with a young man whom we know. It was a cold night and we were wearing heavy coats but he only had on a long-sleeved shirt. We buckled ourselves into our seatbelts and he cranked up the heat. Shortly thereafter, with my lipstick liquefying and rivulets of sweat pouring into my eyes, I tried to wrestle myself out of my coat like I was Houdini. I mentioned that it was a bit too warm and he agreed, saying it felt great to finally thaw out. I looked at my daughter, sitting in the back, through the vanity mirror on the passenger side, and she hung her head to the side, tongue out, as if she had passed out. I had to pinch myself to keep from dissolving into uncontrollable laughter. After this kind man dropped us off and drove away, the two of us collapsed into fits of hysteria. We were amazed at how neither one of us could bring ourselves to ask if he would please turn the heat down. That will be funny forever.

Humor can be very unifying. A connectedness is created when something funny is shared.

I encourage you to create a humor journal, funny photo album, save FB posts or devote a section of your DVD library to things that make you laugh. Break it open in case of emergency.
Please share your resources for humor by posting them on The Enchanted Blog.

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