Key 5: Reduced Clutter

Week 13: Clear Clutter-Reclaim Your Life

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Dear Enchanted Journeyers,
This is just a reminder that all of the information on stress reduction, Dragons, Enchanted Keys, Journey Guides and a plan that YOU make to banish stress and transform your life into an enchanted journey is contained in my book, The Enchanted Journey: Finding the Key That Unlocks You. Order it directly from my website,, for a signed copy.

This week we are completing our month-long focus on Enchanted Key #5-Reduced Clutter. Do stay up with the practice or the Dragons will take over.

Clutter is stress inducing. We think we can ignore clutter when it’s in our body, minds and emotions but when we start tripping over it in our physical worlds, that’s often when we begin to pay attention to it. It’s all connected.

We call upon our Fairy Stress-Sorter, Julie Morgenstern, one of our esteemed Journey Guides, to assist us with the corner we’re tackling now. She has written several books on the subject of organization, which allows us to take charge of our time and living space.

Julie M. advocates written assessments to determine how the clutter occurs for us. (I see these as Enchanted Key #3-Journaling opportunities to train Dragons.) She pays attention to “inconvenient storage” that involves things like getting a ladder to store something so we let it lie on the floor and move it around. There’s also, “more stuff than storage space” which makes so much sense! We get a 4×4 container for our marble collection and then when our marbles outgrow the container we let them roll all over our lives, rather than getting a bigger container or sorting them to keep only the special ones. She teaches us about “out of sight, out of mind” as well, and so much more.

There are great tips for organizing everything in our lives in her books, Organizing From the Inside Out: The Foolproof System for Organizing Your Home, Your Office and Your Life, Time Management From the Inside Out, Shed Your Stuff, Change Your Life, Never Check Email in the Morning and even one for teens that her daughter wrote, Organizing From the Inside Out for Teens.

Please spend at least a little time this week clearing some space that can open doors to your blocked energy. Try it! You will be surprised at what you discover.

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Happy clearing!

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