Key 4: Sensory Experiences

Visionary-Are You One? Yes!


Visionary. Are you one? This is the last day of May 2017 and the end of our month-long focus on Enchanted Key #4-Sensory Experiences. Adding awareness of sensory experiences to everyday life is a game-changer. Colors affect our moods greatly and with each layer of wonderful sights, sounds, smells, tastes, touch and textures, we begin to resonate with a vibrancy that reflects the beauty of the earth itself. We can’t help but raise our vibration!



I recall a client I saw several years ago. A wonderful seasoned citizen, she continued to grow and learn, eager to try new things and further her self-exploration. In her eighties then, she decided to have cataract surgery because she heard that it could lift depression.


Surprised, I asked why she’d want to put herself through surgery when depression wasn’t an issue of hers. Her eye doctor said it was indicated if she were up for it. She was, and figured that if she felt great and loved life as she was, it could only get better!


One eye was done first, and then the other a few weeks later. After the first, she said that she experienced a significant difference, not only in her vision but in the colors. After surgery on the second eye was complete, she was ecstatic. She stated that it was as if someone had “peeled a yellow film off the window.” Colors were deeper, with more intensity, the light was brighter, and images were sharper and more defined. Interestingly, she hadn’t realized that what she saw had become dulled until it was removed.

A cataract is actually the clouding of the eye’s lens. Vision can appear cloudy or blurred, and sometimes there’s a ring of light, like a halo-effect, around objects. Vision can be diminished in the darkness of night or there might be double vision. There are three types of cataracts: a congenital type present at birth, another as a result of injury, and the one that most people are familiar with, due to aging.


I share all of this because it’s not only our eye’s lens that can become clouded. Attitudes and ruts can cloud our emotional “vision.” You know the stereotype of the cantankerous, old woman or man in the neighborhood who has nothing good to say and seems to hate life and everyone in it? Don’t become that person. Be a visionary, instead, and envision the life you’d like to live.


In honor of our Enchanted Key to Sensory Experiences, let’s take a mid-week breath with clear focus and sharp vision aimed toward seeing the world as a vibrant, lovely place.

Take a deep and purifying breath in as you raise your arms overhead, reaching toward the sky. On the release, exhale while pulling your arms downward. Repeat this and settle in to a comfortable seated position.

Breathe naturally as you consider what area of your life needs to have the film removed from it. Imagine that it has been pulled away and suddenly you can see clearly. Rest into that for a moment and figure out what action you need to take in order to have peace, find love, or allow joy.

Ahh. Clarity of thought and vision.


What do you need to peel off your window in order to see clearly?

Enchanted Breaths are the “ahh, the haha, and the aha!”

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