Key 1: Mindfulness

Vision Boards Create a New You

Week 2 of 2016


Dear Enchanted Ones,

It’s terrific every New Year’s Eve to release what you want to let go of from the year you’re saying goodbye to.  Then, Vision Boards that solidify your intentions for the new year are a great activity to do on New Year’s Day. If you haven’t done yours, it’s not too late!

Enchanted Key #1-Mindfulness, has us focus on all that we desire to release, change and transform in this new year. So clear it out. Then intend what you would like to create, envision and achieve for this year.

Vision Boards can be anything from a tri-fold science board, a journal, to a single sheet of cardstock with an image (or several) or a word (or several) that keep your intentions in front of you in a pleasing manner.

Here’s how to make one: Gather magazines that you’ve collected during the year, scissors, a glue stick and the sheet of cardstock (which can be any color and is just a heavier weight paper.) Get cozy and comfortable, put on some music to keep your conscious mind busy while your unconscious mind selects images, words, colors, shapes, etc. that speak to your soul. Tear them or cut them and put them in a pile until you feel complete with the task.

Next, spread them out and sort through your pile to see if there are themes. Maybe you have cut out people in good physical shape and words that include EATING RIGHT, or BEING HEALTHY. This may be the year you focus on weight-loss and changes regarding nutrition. Maybe your images and words focus on travel to exotic places and you discover the desire to make concrete vacation plans.

Your Vision Board may represent something you will do or a change in your behavior or thoughts that you will implement. Honor whatever it holds for you.

Pinterest Boards are another way to create a vision board. I believe in the power of seeing it repeatedly so if you make one that one, be sure it is put somewhere that you will see it automatically and often.

Mark your calendar for New Year’s Eve, 2016, for your release party and intend what you wish to create for the coming year.a calendar? Here’s the link to my Mixed Media Art Calendar on Etsy for 2016.

We’d love to see a photo of your board so feel free to post it on the Enchanted Blog. Your inspiration inspires us all!

PS-I set out to use a copyright-free image of a vision board and not only did it include art, but it has the words ENCHANTED LAND on it! Whoever created this is one of us! How exciting is that?

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