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Unlock Stress With the 5-Day Challenge to Banish or Manage Your Stress.

Unlock Stress With the 5-Day Challenge to Banish or Manage Your Stress

Unlock stress.  I’m taking the opportunity during this midweek’s Enchanted Breath to invite you (or dare you) to take the upcoming FREE 5-Day Challenge. http://bit.ly/2uyhcVh


About the 5-Day Challenge

Every day for five days you’ll receive an email that focuses on different aspects of the challenge. At the end, you’ll be on the road to a healthier and happier lifestyle.

It’s all about taking charge of your life by taking charge of your stress. Stressors, (the events, people, or our own thoughts that create the stress) are everywhere. We can be stressed from external forces and internal forces.

Stressors You Might Not Think About


Did you know that improper posture can create stress? It can. If you slouch when you eat, your internal organs all collapse on one another, compressing and stressing them. It slows your digestion and can stretch lax muscles that result in a pot belly.

So let’s sit up straight and breathe deeply.


Do you know what else can stress you? Being disorganized. People pride themselves in not writing things down but then when they miss a meeting or a friend’s birthday, it creates stress. So get your systems in place. No need to keep plates spinning in the air that you can put down.

Prep for Your Enchanted Breath

Now it’s time to prep for our Enchanted Breath. It’s hump day, the middle of the week. Begin by sitting up straight. It might actually feel unnatural for you to do. Straighten and lengthen your spine and align your shoulders. Do a few head rolls in each direction to break up tension and let your head come to a gentle center position. Keep your gaze forward.

Enchanted Breath

Inhale fully and on the exhale, let your breath rush out in a complete sigh. Repeat. Inhale. This time hold your breath at the top for a count of four, and then sigh deeply, releasing your breath and tension from your body.

What to Organize

Get present to one area of your life in which there is disorganization. Is it physical space, like your desk or garage? Maybe your purse or wallet hasn’t been cleared out for awhile. Perhaps it’s in your thoughts. Pick one thing to take action on to reduce your levels of stress. Decide when you’ll perform this action and mark it on your calendar.

Sign Up Now

THEN sign up for the FREE 5-Day Challenge.

Here’s the link: http://bit.ly/2uyhcVh

Ahh. You’re on your way to a more tranquil and enchanting life.

Enchanted Breaths are the “ahh, the haha, and the aha! of life.”

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