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Key 6: Humor

Unexpected Humor Continues

Unexpected Humor Continues

Unexpected humor continues during our midweek Enchanted Breath. If you read Sunday’s Enchanted Blog post then you know that slips of the tongue can catch everyone off guard, and result in spontaneous shared humor.

funny-humor-unexpected humor-suprise-

Your Funny Moments

Since that post, many of you have shared those Freudian slips or instances where you heard yourself say something you just couldn’t believe came out of your mouth. The stories you’ve shared with us have made Team Enchantment laugh out loud.

One man began telling a story to a large group of friends and family and accidentally said, “Fifteen queers ago…” His girlfriend burst into the kind of silent laughter in which you wait for the person to take their next breath. A woman sent me an email saying that she sent a text to her family with what she was going to get her Dad for “Farter’s Day.” She was horrified to see she had written that.

Another One of Mine

Unexpected humor occurred again when I was on a recent trip to the podiatrist’s office. Many of you know from my blog post about downsizing to a tiny purse following my injury about two months ago, that I slipped on wet grass during one of those rain storms we’d been having. Over the four week period, I faithfully followed doctor’s orders and crutched around, rolled around in a wheelchair at festivals and our grandson’s baseball games, used a walker, and then hobbled along in a boot, before graduating to my current ankle brace for the next few weeks. I’ll also have to wear it whenever I work out, do yoga, dance, or other forms of exercise.

All went well with my checkout visit with the doctor until I talked to the receptionist a few days later. I told her, “The Doctor said that since I’ve graduated from the boot I can go out and get an ankle bracelet, but I don’t know which kind to get.” Having heard myself I said, ” Nope. Not an ankle bracelet at all! An ankle brace.” We both dissolved into laughter, and then she added, ” You don’t strike me as that type.” Still laughing, I thanked her.

Enchanted Breath

So let’s use this Enchanted Breath to let ourselves smile and even laugh at ourselves. Deep breath in and exhale, just to shake loose the tension from your body, mind, and spirit. Repeat. Then breathe deeply and fully like when you draw in a big breath to laugh. Imagine your spirit taking flight, as experiencing joy makes you weightless.

Enchanted Breaths are the “ahh, the haha, and the aha! of life.”

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