Key 6: Humor

Unexpected Humor and the Laughter it Brings To Us

Unexpected Humor and the Joy it Brings

Unexpected humor thrills me. When you go to see a funny movie, you expect to laugh. If a book review says that the content offers side-splitting humor then you expect it to be funny. Television shows have a comedy genre. But there are so many opportunities for unexpected humor that you don’t have planned. When they occur, put them into a humor journal so they become funny forever.



Children are always a source of unexpected humor. Our children are grown and, as a family that loves to laugh, we will spontaneously launch into a dinnertime conversation that begins with, “Remember the time…?” Memories recorded and shared aren’t just funny once. They have the power to thwart the Dragons of Stress and Tension and return you to a happy place.

Some of Our Funny Moments

The kids love to hear stories about themselves that they may or may not remember. It helps them see who they were as children, whether sweet and innocent or dorky, in their view, etc.

Our son was little the first time he ate an onion ring that came with his meal in a restaurant. He tried it very cautiously and loved it. During his next bite, the onion escaped out of one end and he was delighted. “Look,” he exclaimed with his joy of discovery, “they put onions in these!”

Our eldest daughter ate peanut butter long before we let her eat peanuts, due to the choking hazard. When I said she could try them, I doled them out, one at a time. She chewed the first one and smiled. I gave her the second one. She chewed it as if she were a professional taste tester and rating the product. She shook her little head “yes,” and said, “I love these! Why didn’t you tell me that peanuts have peanut butter in them?!”


Pets are always a source of unexpected humor. Our dog positions herself and waits for us to discover that she’s sitting on a chair at the table, waiting to be served, or has her bone by her head as if she’s a unicorn.


Siri, of course, is a constant source of both annoyance and humor. We were at our son’s baseball game the other day and the umps were making terrible calls. My husband was frustrated and yelling and I texted our daughter, also there with us, “Daddy is fed up.” Siri, however, changed it to “Daddy is effed up!” She spelled it out though!!! How did that happen?? It isn’t as if that’s a common word for me to use so she did predictive texting!!! Shocking and funny.

Enchanted Breath

During this week’s Enchanted Breath, close your eyes, drop your tension, smile, and remember something that was really funny. Release your breath as you do when laughing.

Enchanted Breaths are the “ahh, the haha, and the aha! of life.”

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