Key 5: Reduced Clutter

Tips for Clearing Emotional Clutter

You owe it to yourself to take stock of your emotional clutter.

A Lakota woman told me that the Native Americans have a saying, “Cut the corn that doesn’t grow.” Referring to corn stalks, a healthy, strong stalk can’t thrive if there are small ears of corn at the base that will never be sweet or big enough to eat. They will feed no one. All they do is rob the healthy stalk of energy and need to be trimmed away.

So do relationships in your life that are not healthy.

If another person compromises your spirit, self-esteem, or safety, then step away from them. Do you have energy vampires (aka Dragons) in your life? They are people who consume your energy and use your precious life force for themselves. Most often it is because we let them. Send them blessings but trim the stalk.

If removing yourself completely from association with certain people doesn’t seem realistic, then at least create strong boundaries around yourself and stick to them. Notice how they hook you and what need inside of you is fed that allows it.
Awareness is always the first step in solving an issue or making a change.

Become aware of your emotional blocks that clutter your path to enchantment.

Observe yourself in communication with others or your patterns in avoiding, defending, arguing, etc. Then assess what you would like to change. Take action toward making those changes.

Sun Bear Ojibwa Medicine Man is quoted as saying, “I am not interested in your philosophy if it doesn’t grow corn.” With intention, invite only those into your life who nurture your spirit, co-create peaceful harmony and support the Highest Good of all concerned.

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