Thank You For Being On the Enchanted Journey With Us

Thank you, my dearest Enchanted Journeyers. I am so grateful to have you on the Enchanted Journey with me.


Thank you for your participation.

Thank you for reading The Enchanted Blog.

Thank you for breathing with me mid-week during our Enchanted Breaths.

Thank you for reading along with The Society For Recovering Doormats as I guest blog on Fridays through the year’s end.

Thank you for following me, liking and sharing posts and posters on the FB FAN PAGE (Enchanted Journey with Dr. Terry Segal,) and on Instagram and Pinterest.

Thank you for purchasing my books as gifts for yourself and others.

Thank you for desiring to own my heart (typo! I meant my “art” but you know that my heart is in my art.)

Thank you for appreciating my Enchanted Calendars that hang in your home or office and guide you through each year with enchantment.

Thank you to those of you who are awaiting my Enchanted Journey online courses that are under wraps-preparing to launch in 2017!

Thank you to Team Enchantment!

A special gratitude shout-out to Team Enchantment’s Haley Williams, for your poetic soul and eye for beauty.

A huge, evergreen thank you to my wonderful husband, glorious children and grandchild who, every day, make the journey enchanting for me.

Thank you all  for being beacons of light in the world.

Thank you. Thank you. Thank you.

Stay enchanted!

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