Enchanted Breaths Key 5: Reduced Clutter

Technology Clearing Eases the Pressure That Awaits You

Technology Clearing

Technology clearing is what we’re about today. Continuing on with Enchanted Key #5-Reduced Clutter, our focus is on clearing all things on the physical, mental, emotional, and spiritual planes. 


Computer and Cell Phones and TV, Oh My!

Sunday we paid attention to the Dragons of Stress as they exist in the mental realm. Today we’ll take a brief look at the stress that awaits you through technology. Let’s begin with your computer. There are too many emails, videos, work-related articles and avenues of information to process. Then there is social media to catch up on, use as a distraction, enjoy, and use to waste your time, pushing back your deadlines later and later. Your cell phone offers mobile stress. Each time you get a ping, ring, or notification of some sort, it’s a call to interrupt whatever you’re already doing and take action to multitask, which toggles your brain.

Schedule Your Repetitive Tasks

By scheduling your repetitive tasks, you clear a bit at a time, so there’s a sense of completion at that moment. For example, check emails 3-4x daily, like at 9 a.m., 12 noon, 4 p.m. and 6 p.m. Then be done. Don’t keep constantly checking all day. It becomes intrusive. Flag the emails that need an immediate response and either delete or file the ones that contain a video to watch, something lengthier to read, etc.

The From Button

Clicking the FROM button on emails allows you to see all emails from a single contact. How many times have you jumped on an email request, losing an hour in the process, only to discover that email #2 from them says, “Never mind. We’re not going to do that after all?”


Observe your emails this week and see if you can pare down by unsubscribing. You don’t necessarily need to see the latest shoe trends every three hours. If you’re looking to buy shoes online, I’m confident that you’d know where to find them. Having ads in your face constantly only leads to impulse buying anyway. This makes the Dragons very happy. We don’t want that.

TV and Cell Phones Off

Turn off your cell phone while working or designate a special ringtone for your partner and/or kids. Discipline yourself to keep working unless it’s your priority people trying to reach you. Turn off the TV droning in the background. Especially don’t let the “news” play all day. The Dragons will jump right out of the the TV to sit on your sofa and demand that you make them popcorn.

Enchanted Breath

Now it’s time for your midweek Enchanted Breath. Take a deep one and imagine opening your email to see 5 emails looking at you, 2 saved in a folder, and 3 DIY videos on building your own garden pond. That would be doable, right? There are ways to keep your Inbox at almost zero on a regular basis.

Meanwhile, take a deep and cleansing breath in, release, and forcibly exhale, making space. Repeat. Now close your eyes for just a moment or two and envision an Inbox you can manage easily. See yourself be disciplined enough to keep up with your manageable system. Feel the ahh as you focus on your work and enjoy your breaks. Stop being a slave to notifications and relax as you only pay attention to what is most important at the time. Give your shoulders a few rolls in both directions, gently roll your head around clockwise and counterclockwise, and exhale audibly, releasing tension. Ahh.

Opportunities For Enchantment

Do, of course, always read your Enchanted Blog, Newsletter, and look for the daily Enchanted social media posts on Pinterest (Retreat From Stress with Dr. Terry Segal) and Instagram (drterrysegal) and the Facebook FanPage (Enchanted Journey with Dr. Terry Segal.)  It’s all designed to help you relax through information or visual moments to help you say, “Ahh, that was enchanting.”

Question of the Day

What technology can you clear from your day to reduce stress?
Leave us a comment to let us know. Maybe it’ll spark an idea for a fellow Enchanted Journeyer.
Enchanted Breaths are the “ahh, the haha, and the aha! of life.”


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