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Tea: Stress Reduction in a Mug


Warm tea. That’s stress reduction in a mug right there. Mmmm. If you live in more temperate climes, iced tea is enchanting, too.  Nestle into a cozy chair with a China teacup and saucer. Sit on a park bench with your thermos and sip tea while studying the trunk of an old tree. It soothes the soul.


You don’t need to devote an afternoon to the practice of taking tea, just a pause mid-day, or whenever the mood strikes. It can be a wonderful thing to look forward to.

As many of you know, we decided not to use our formal dining area for its intended purpose and, instead, made it a tearoom. It’s a tea and chocolate room to be exact.

Over the years we’ve each collected special mugs, have painted ceramic ones together, given each other gifts of mugs with chocolate and tea and have created many memories around the ritual of tea.


I’m a bit of an Anglophile so we have books about English tea parties and children’s fairy tea parties and tea party recipe books. When the kids were small we held monthly tea parties with an invited “guest,” of someone famous. After tea with homemade cookies or little cakes we did an activity that connected us to that guest. We kept a book of our activities.

Once we invited John Glenn. At his recent passing, each of our grown children mentioned the day he was honored at our tea party. His photo had graced the place setting, we made moon and star shaped cookies, and learned about trips to the moon.

Another time we featured Andy Warhol and made pop art heart paintings and repeated the pattern in different colors. We drank colorful red raspberry tea, golden Celestial Seasonings Bengal Spice Tea, and deep bark-hued Roastorama, splashed with almond milk.

Yogi teas come with inspirational messages on the end of the tea bag. Loose teas are infused with edible flowers and herbs. Some are citrusy, some bold. Others are dessert teas, that taste chocolatey or fruity.


You get to decide if you take your tea with sugar (in cubes or otherwise) with honey or agave nectar, milk, cream, or plain. I love a few drops of liquid chocolate Stevia in mine. Please don’t use any derivatives of aspartame, though. It’s poison to the body.


For every mug of tea made, a Dragon is tamed. So curl up and enjoy your tea, whether for solitary bliss or to connect with others. Breathe in the aroma of the tea you have selected and sip the enchantment.


Post a comment with your favorite tea. You may inspire another Enchanted Journeyer to try it!

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