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Enchanted Breaths

Breath of Life Brings You to Balance

Breathe. It’s time for your midweek Enchanted Breath! Got breath?
Have you been forgetting to breathe? What impedes your breath? Do you have a cold? Seasonal allergies? Stress?

Clear Your Airways
Whether you have a cold or are clogged to the max with seasonal pollen in your nasal passages, clearing them can help wash away the irritants.

Enchanted Breaths Key 2: Altered Perceptions Stress

Altered Perceptions of Stress Can Calm You

“Altered perceptions of stress,”  you say? What if I told you that you could alter your perception of stress and calm yourself? Would you believe me? Well, it’s true. A good portion of our stress is created by us! We work ourselves into a lather over things that, thank goodness, are not likely to happen.

Banish Stress with Dr. Terry Segal
Key 3: Journaling

Stress Busting Journal!

Stress busting journaler needed. Apply here.
Greetings, Enchanted Journeyers, and welcome to Week 11 of 2016, and exploration of our Enchanted Key of the Month, #3-Journaling. I hope you haven’t let the Dragons drag on you and convince you that buying, creating, or looking at your journal is too much work. Phooey! I say.