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Break For Enchantment!

Dear Enchanted Journeyers,
Break For Enchantment!
Break for Enchantment. That’s what I’m about to take until the end of 2018. In part, the two upcoming blessed weddings of my daughters, one in November 2018, and the other in April of 2019, have made me realize that for the past 8 years I’ve held myself to a rigorous schedule of posting.

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Enchanted Breaths

Breath of Life Brings You to Balance

Breathe. It’s time for your midweek Enchanted Breath! Got breath?
Have you been forgetting to breathe? What impedes your breath? Do you have a cold? Seasonal allergies? Stress?

Clear Your Airways
Whether you have a cold or are clogged to the max with seasonal pollen in your nasal passages, clearing them can help wash away the irritants.

Enchanted Breaths Stress

Serenity Bubble-Make One

Dear Enchanted Movers and Shakers, serenity sounds good, doesn’t it?
I hope you’ve been discharging stress from your body, mind, and spirit, through Enchanted Key #7-Movement. We need to stay focused on things we can control when the world feels so out of control.
Let’s take our mid-week Enchanted Breath together now.