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Enchanted Breaths

Enchanted Breaths in Fairy Gardens

Enchanted Breath time! This little guy showed up to sing to me while I gardened. He knows a thing or two about enchanted gardens and the importance of heightening sensory experiences. He’s quite a looker, too.
Close your eyes. Drop the tension from your muscles and nerves and let Froggie hop away with it to transmute into little tadpoles.

Enchanted Breaths

Banish Stress with Enchanted Breaths

It’s fall y’all!
(I had to.)
A little autumnal poetry for you, my Enchanted Journeyers.
Time to leaf your stress behind.
Let it fall away.
No worries, just some dreams to dream
And Dragons kept at bay.
Deep breath in and release all of the Dragon chatter that can have you stressed and living in the future of the next few months.