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Super New Moon in Aries – April 7, 2016: New Growth and Beginnings

new super moon in AriesSuper New Moon in Aries on April 7, 2016 sets forth the beginning of the astrological year and brings with it a fresh start that dares us to pave the way with enchantment for what’s ahead.

A new moon represents the end of one cycle and the beginning of another 28-day cycle. Super Moons are determined by the moon’s proximity to the Earth, and April brings us the second strongest Super Moon of the year.

Our task at this time, is to use the energy of increased light for new growth and beginnings, while clearing ourselves from negative, warring influences. With Aries at the head, it controls and directs everything that is to come for the remainder of the year. We must be in charge of ourselves, aware of the forces of others, and also the Universal energies as well. Although we’ve just come out of eclipse season, which shakes us up with unexpected events, we’ve been experiencing a volatile time. We’re challenged to keep our focus.

Eclipse season is the only time in which an eclipse can occur. It lasts about 34 days and returns again in just under six months, with two full eclipse seasons each year. Each of those seasons has two to three eclipses. A solar eclipse occurs on the new moon, while the lunar eclipse takes place during a full moon.

In the Zodiac’s fire sign of Aries are the qualities of being enterprising, spontaneous, daring, active, courageous and energetic. We must guard against the negative impulses to be impatient, impetuous, vain and egotistic, which can translate to others as selfish, ruthless and even violent. This is where we set the stage for the two weeks of preparation from the new moon until the full moon on April 22nd. We’re not only cleaning our homes and sweeping away the hidden crumbs, but we also do a clean sweep of our souls in order to remove any trace of hatred, intolerance or doubt about our pure soul essence. These acts allow us to truly be free.

Mars, the red or warring planet, rules at this time so during these two weeks, our wars and conflicts are also determined for the coming year. External wars occur in the physical world when our internal wars burn out of control. Especially at this time of political change, it’s important to use this fire to fuel creativity and connection as opposed to destruction and divisiveness.

It’s also critical to note that Mars, the planet of action, energy and motivation, is preparing to go retrograde on the 17th of April, and our motivation will slow down as the energy shifts from “doing” to “resting.” After Mars turns retrograde, the motivation, inspiration and drive to get things done might be more of a struggle, so put this doing energy to use while it’s here!

This resting phase is definitely something we all need. Since September 2015, we’ve experienced a lot of movement, growth and change, and now things will be slowing down. What a perfect time to stop and take a few enchanted breaths.

We won’t have even awakened from our nap when Mercury will go retrograde on April 29th, causing the breakdown of appliances and communication. Double-check everything and be sure to leave extra time to accomplish things that normally are completed in less time.

As if the usual three Mercury retrogrades each year aren’t enough, we have four of them on the calendar this year. Harness the energy of this Super New Moon and start thinking about what needs to be tended to in your life right now.
Set your intentions and desires, and perhaps even start freeing space to turn them into realities. Use Enchanted Key #5: Reduced Clutter to clear old habits, behaviors, and beliefs to search for new and enchanting ways to make progress. And progress it is! Marie Forleo, my B-School mentor reminds us that the goal is “progress, not perfection.” Perfection, fueled by the Dragons, can be immobilizing, and land you in the Dragon Pit of Negativity or the Dungeon of Doom.

So start fresh, refer to your Enchanted Key #3: Journaling, and make your to-do list.

Remember that you have Enchanted Key #1-Mindfulness, as you stay present to the influences of the upcoming retrogrades. We may have to be patient in order to see the results come to light in our lives.

If things have shifted for you during the eclipses, it’s now time to take responsibility for your life and your energy. Create your visions, set intentions and formulate your goals. Raise your frequency and bring your dreams to life.

Meditation Focus

Quiet yourself and consider the ways in which you’re still enslaved to cell phones, social media, deadlines and the whims of others and those in which you are free. Do you base your decisions each day from a place of love or fear? During this next month, declare your intentions, speak your gratitude, gain your balance, and walk in the direction of love and peace.

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