Enchanted Breaths Key 5: Reduced Clutter

Summer Solstice. Celebrate Freedom by Clearing Out Your Clutter

Summer Solstice. Celebrate Freedom by Clearing Out Your Clutter

Summer Solstice is a great time to experience the freedom of clearing space. Any time is good but, here in the northern hemisphere, summer solstice begins the long days of light, when our clothing and thoughts are light as well. It’s a grand time to let things go.


Let it Go

Sunday’s Enchanted Blog post paid homage to collecting memories saved as stories or carefully chosen mementos, vs. collecting clutter. Before we clear through our Enchanted Breath, let me share a brief story that may help you let go of something that’s been bogging you down.

I had a client who moved several times and lugged her departed father’s favorite chair around with her each time. She’d get to her new home, the movers would bring the chair in and she’d place it where he would have put it, facing the TV and the fireplace. She’d feel awful every time she passed by it because its springs no longer sprung, the fabric was worn, it was huge in comparison to the scale of her other furniture and, instead of it holding warm and loving memories of her Dad, all she thought of was that, as his disease that ended his life overtook him, he hardly ever moved from that chair. Her husband urged her to reupholster it but she said then it wouldn’t be “his” chair.

Cluttered Energy Bogs Us Down

We spent several sessions exploring what else she was holding on to, in terms of her thoughts and feelings about the chair, in addition to the chair, itself. We discovered that she felt guilty about wanting to let the chair go. It was as if she were carelessly letting him go, tossing him aside, used up, done with him. Tears flooded her eyes.

I asked her to imagine her Dad in the room with us, his most vibrant self. She smiled through her tears. I had her ask him what to do with the chair. She immediately began to laugh and sob. Without hesitation, she said she heard him bellow, “Get rid of it!” Startled by that she replied, “Really?” Speaking as he apparently did in a kind, but gruff voice, she said he’d further respond with, “Hell yeah, really! I don’t know why you’ve been lugging it around with you. I don’t need it and neither do you!”

The weight of the chair was lifted off her shoulders. I suggested that she put a photograph of her Dad or one of her Dad with her, on the wall near where the chair was and then let the chair go. She did! The following week she was so much lighter and happier to have freed herself.

Enchanted Breath

Let’s do some clearing today during our midweek Enchanted Breath. Deep breath in, hold it for the count of four, release. Shake your tension, clearing it out from your muscles, bones, nerves, thoughts and feelings.

Quiet yourself and envision letting go of the next thing to be cleared. Imagine how it would feel. The ahh, the space, the freedom. What a fabulous way to celebrate the summer solstice. Make sure to click on the link at the top of the blog page to download your FREE Guided Meditation! Snag your Place of Peace.

Enchanted Breaths are the “ahh, the haha, and the aha! of life.”

Question of the Day

What’s the next thing you can let go of? Leave us a comment to share.

If you missed Sunday’s post, here’s the link: http://enchantedjourney.club/save-memories-not-clutter/

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