Enchanted Breaths

Spring is Right Around the Corner

Spring is right around the corner if you live in the Northern Hemisphere.

Raise your hand if you’re ready for it to arrive. My hand is up.

It’s also time for our mid-week Enchanted Breath. So take a mental health moment, a few deep breaths and exhales and let’s set the stage for the new season ahead.

Ahh. We’ve arrived after a long winter of toes crammed into thick socks, into boots. Layers of clothes that go on and off and on again. Turtlenecks and scarves hugging our necks. Imagine ourselves lighter, wearing just a whisper of clothing and leaping, jumping and moving freely.

Take in a slow, full breath of clean, fresh air. Release on the out breath the staleness of the winter months that we’re leaving behind. Inhale purity. Exhale stagnation. Inhale freedom and exhale restriction. Raise your arms in the air and shake them like you just don’t care. (You can’t do that in a heavy tweed coat.) Keep shaking them until you feel the circulation in your body returning. Spring awakens us as everything around us comes alive.

A few more days of winter until we will spring into spring! Oh happy day.

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