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Key 6: Humor

Slips of the Tongue Are Funnier Than Banana Peels

Slips of the Tongue Are Funnier Than Banana Peels

Slips of the tongue occur often for people. Some are referred to as “Freudian slips.” They are named after the famous psychoanalyst, Sigmund Freud, and were part of the form of therapy called psychoanalysis. Freudian slips, also known as parapraxis, are considered to be errors in speech, memory, or physical action that supposedly reveal unconscious or repressed wishes or internal thoughts.

funny-humor-Freudian slips-slips of the tongue

My Classic Slip of the Tongue

I don’t know about you, but for me these happen with regularity and are most often a source of great humor, as well as embarrassment on occasion. One classic slip comes to mind.

Hold My Gum

An all-time family favorite instance of a slip occurred on a vacation to Charleston, S.C. My husband had driven for several hours and I, who get highway hypnosis after 15 minutes, said I’d drive the rest of the way to our resort while he took a power nap. Our eldest daughter, who was about 12 years old back then, switched with him and took the front passenger seat while he moved to the back with the two younger children.

No one told me I’d be driving over a very tall bridge. I hate tall bridges. I immediately had the panic attack of a lifetime. Stuck on the bridge until I could get off it, I employed all of my meditative and breathing techniques to remain in control of myself. My front-seat daughter gave me two pieces of gum, thinking it would help to quell the anxiety.

Once off the bridge, we immediately arrived at the resort! We pulled into the gated area with the attendant. She opened her little window to ask for identification, etc. With two large, fresh pieces of bubble gum in my mouth, I couldn’t answer her so I said to my daughter, “Quick, hold my gum.” Well, that’s what I intended to say. Still flustered from my panic attack, what I actually said was, “Quick, hold my gun!” The attendant dropped to the ground and just opened the gate! I drove through and we began howling with laughter, waking those in the back seat. It was so shocking. These days it would not be funny at all, but in those innocent times, it was hilarious. I admit the memory of it still is.

Remember One Time Your Slip Was Showing

Think back to a time when your mouth said something your brain didn’t give permission for it to say. Was it a source of humor for you?

Stay enchanted!

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