Enchanted Breaths Stress

Serenity Bubble-Make One

serenity awaits bubble

Dear Enchanted Movers and Shakers, serenity sounds good, doesn’t it?

I hope you’ve been discharging stress from your body, mind, and spirit, through Enchanted Key #7-Movement. We need to stay focused on things we can control when the world feels so out of control.

Let’s take our mid-week Enchanted Breath together now. Picture yourself in a protective bubble. Within it, you are safe, can close your eyes and breathe deeply.

Breathe in calm and exhale tension. Repeat. Breathe in calm and exhale tension. Fill your bubble with any single color or combo of colors you find pleasing. Imagine those colors swirling gently around you, surrounding you in joy and tranquility.

Let tension drop away from your shoulders, your stomach, back, hands and feet. Breathe. Feel an outward flow of tension, replaced by an inward wave of peace and serenity.

After a blissful moment of stillness, colors all around you, return your attention to your present location feeling relaxed, peaceful and calm.

Retreat to your bubble at least once daily. You’ve created it so it’s there for you when needed.

Enchanted Breaths are the “ahh, the haha and the aha! of life.”


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