Key 4: Sensory Experiences

Mom: What Sensory Experiences Connect You to Her?

Mom: What Sensory Experiences Connect You to Her?

Babies and Mothers

We’re coming up on Mother’s Day this Sunday. What a great focus for our mid-week Enchanted Breath during the month of Enchanted Key #4-Sensory Perceptions. Mothers are the first being that babies encounter. Our babies, even while inside of the womb, recognize the sound of our heartbeats and the rhythmic patterns of our blood, as it courses through our veins. They respond to familiar voices. Vision is the last sense to develop because the eyelids of an unborn baby stay closed until the 28th week of pregnancy. Then babies even begin to blink. Did you know that when twin babies open their eyes in the womb that they can see each other? If the mother is in a very bright environment, some light gets filtered in. So even before birth, there is sight and sound, no scents, some tastes, and certainly textures.


The Essence of Mom

In honor of Mom, let’s recall what made, or makes, Mom uniquely Mom. When you have a visual in your mind of Mom, is it a photograph or your mind’s snapshot of a moment you shared that comes up? What sounds do you associate with her? Maybe you hear her laughter or, if you had a challenging relationship with her, the tone of her harsh words. It’s important to remember it all so you can react to it in the present in the way that you choose. What scents do you associate with your mother? Taste is usually a big one when we’re discussing Moms. Textures appear and the more you observe them, the better quality of experience you’ll have.

Your Sensory Connections to Mom

Let’s take a deep and cleansing breath in and climb to the top of that breath. Hold it for a count of four, and exhale. Envision Mom and her special scent, whether perfume, lotion, or her natural fragrance. Maybe your mother always smelled like citrus or fresh baked cookies. What tastes connect to the memories you shared with Mom? And what textures? What’s there for you in them?

My Mom

My Mom, of blessed memory, was always baking cookies. Now, although she’s been gone for four years last Friday, she decorates my food with smiley faces to let me know she’s near. Take a look at the cookie on the bottom left of the photo and you’ll see what I mean.

Spend a few moments just remembering the sensory experience of Mom.

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