Key 2: Altered Perceptions

Self-Love This Valentine’s Day: Start There and Then Share the Love

Self-Love This Valentine’s Day: Start There

Self-love on Valentine’s Day? Who gets it? YOU, perhaps, the easiest and hardest person for you to celebrate. Why not alter your perception about what Valentine’s Day is all about? (After you’ve practiced self-love, you can share your happy heart with others.)

Welcome to Enchanted Key #2-Altered Perceptions.


Valentine’s Day Can Be Tough

Every year I have clients who dread Valentine’s Day because they’re not in a romantic relationship. It feels painful, isolating, and sad. Enter, the Key to Altered Perceptions!

You already have access to yourself and, if rumors are true, you’re a pretty awesome person. You may not be involved in a romantic relationship with someone else at the moment or maybe you don’t even want to be in the future. But how great to turn traditional Valentine’s Day into a day of self-love!

Gifts For Your Body and Soul

Maybe you gift yourself with a spa day or create one at home. Enjoy a steamy shower facial and exfoliating body scrub, followed by a soothing avocado mask and cuticle softener on fingers and toes while you sip a favorite tea, listening to music that stirs or rocks your soul. Prepare a delicious meal for yourself that perhaps includes some chocolate. Buy yourself flowers.

Share the Love

Do as much or as little as needed to feel like you’ve truly focused on self-love. Then, if you like, you can get your Valentine’s Day on by sharing love and gratitude with others. Gather your friends for a heart-filled evening or afternoon. Swap Valentines or make some together that you can use as a reminder all year that you are loved.

Enchanted Breath

Take a few of those deep and cleansing breaths and release them. Shake loose tension in your body, along with any negative thoughts. Close your eyes and let your imagination wander to what would be fun for you to do for others. Maybe you’ll surprise your mail person with a Valentine in your mailbox for him or her. Do you have a favorite cashier at your grocery store? A chocolate kiss and a note of gratitude might be greatly appreciated. Make Valentine’s Day treats for your pet with pet-friendly recipes. (My Toffee loves heart shaped peanut butter treats.)

Make Valentine’s Day Enchanting

Alter your perception wherever and however it fits, to make the day an enchanting experience of self-love and love of others.

P.S. Extend your self-love beyond Valentine’s Day to every day.

Great Valentine’s Day Gift For Yourself or Others

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