Dragons Stress

Seasonal Dragons Abound



Seasonal Stress Dragons Abound. Dragons represent negative internal thoughts and external situations that challenge you. They can be toxic people in your life or your own critical thoughts about yourself. They can be circumstances in which you find yourself. They divert your attention away from all that is “good” for you. They appear as shiny things that detour you from your solid “plans” to step away from Stress and keep you from arriving at The Land of Enchantment. Your body, mind, and spirit can become one big container for stress. This can happen at any time of year but it’s worse during the holiday season. Don’t let it happen to you!


Pick a Dragon, any Dragon to focus on. Call them all out by name. That might sound like: Money Dragon, front and center. Time Management Dragon, fall in line. Holiday Food Dragon. Drinking Dragon.

Which Dragon is at the front of your line? Give him or her marching orders, as you take charge of your stress that this time of year can bring. Go down the line and redirect each of them. Don’t let them make you the container for stress. Free yourself through awareness and a plan of action.


Seasonal Stress Money Dragons chasing you? Map out a realistic budget and stick to it. Get creative about gift-giving.

Seasonal Stress Time Management Dragons need reigning in. Assess what’s consuming the motherload of your time. Broad categories like work, family, get further scrutinized so that time allotted has boundaries and limits that include time for you. Many things call to you and if each one “only takes a few minutes,” 24 hours can be consumed before you know it. Then today’s list gets tacked on to tomorrow’s.

Lemmejust Dragons gain power when you say, “Lemme just…” look at Pinterest for a few minutes, lie down to close my eyes for 5 minutes, check email quickly, watch one episode of a show…write down what is on this time sucker list for you. Timers work well but you can’t let the Dragons turn them off. You need to be in charge of them and keeping your word to yourself.

Seasonal Stress Food and Drink Dragons run amok during the holidays. This is not the only way we have to celebrate! It all comes down to healthy limits and boundaries. The Dragons call this DEPRIVATION, inside of your head, but it doesn’t mean you do without whatever it is, totally, but you have one of something and truly savor it, rather than scoffing down 15 brownies or Margaritas quickly before the guilt sets in. Allow one or two. Truly enjoy them and then step away from the buffet table or bar.

Don’t let the Dragons be the boss of you! Take charge.

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