Key 9: Nature

Seasonal Scents That Bring You Comfort-Breathe Them In

Seasonal Scents That Bring You Comfort

Seasonal scents that offer you comfort and enchantment are the focus of our midweek Enchanted Breath. It’s unseasonably warm here in Georgia. Everyone is revved up for their pumpkin spiced lattes and chocolate pumpkin muffins, and the temperatures are as they were at summer’s end.

Pumpkin smoothies might be more in order. Regardless of the temperature where you are, you associate fall (or spring for our Enchanted peeps in the Southern Hemisphere) with specific scents. Fall fragrances include apples, cinnamon, cloves, pumpkin, sage, rosemary, and more of those woodsy scents.

Choose a single scent, or combine them if you wish, and add a sensory layer to the breath of calm and peace we’ll breathe in together in a moment.


Set the Intention

For the next few moments, nothing else exists except your breath and the scent you’ve chosen. Let’s set the intention that each and every inhale fills you with comfort and enchantment and each and every exhale releases pent-up stress and anxiety. The ethers have been laden with anguish and negativity. It’s time to shake it loose and send it away.

Enchanted Breath

Deep breath in, rounding your belly and expanding your lungs. Fill the space with the beautiful scent of the season and exhale. Discharge any negative energy that has accumulated in the precious container of your physical body, your mind, spirit, or emotions. Breathe in deeply, again, and exhale fully. Picture yourself expelling stagnant qi, or life force, on every exhale and then breathing in the joy of life on every inhale.

Repeat this several times, in a slow and relaxed pace, until your shoulder muscles have melted their tension away, your jaw is softer and unclenched, your belly is relaxed, and your facial muscles have smoothed.

Better now?

Have an enchanting day.

Enchanted Breaths are the “ahh, the haha, and the aha! of life.”

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