Art Enchanted Breaths Key 8: Art Stress

Photograph Seasonal Imagery for Meditations


Snapshots of memories made stay with us. Call upon them for today’s Enchanted Breath. Dear Enchanted Journeyers, this week we’ve been discussing the art of photography. Maybe you love taking pictures.  Perhaps you appreciate viewing beautiful photographs taken by others. Either way, you have many opportunities to enjoy art through photography.

AUG 24-The Garden IMG_6644

In last Sunday’s post, I suggested making a date with yourself to photograph each change of season. For this week’s Enchanted Breath, imagine a snapshot taken of your favorite season. What images are in your photo? Take a moment to deeply, breathe in the sensory experiences of the season. On the exhale, release tension. Empty your lungs and belly at the bottom of the breath. Fill it back up all the way up, from your belly to your lungs, on a new inhale. Release tension from your muscles and nerves as you exhale, again.


Continue to rest for a moment. You may have your eyes closed, looking at your imaginary snapshot. What visual images do you see? Notice the interplay of light and shadows. Observe the colors that are present. If you were to step into that scene, what’s sounds would you hear? What scents are in the air? What tastes of the season might you enjoy? Let yourself become aware of the various textures.


Take a minute to enjoy your photograph. Look for a similar image online, in a magazine, or in one of your own photo galleries. Put it up where you can see it. Let it remind you of the peace, beauty, and tranquility that’s available.

We’d love to hear from you or see your snapshots of the season you’ve chosen.

Have an enchanting day.

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