Enchanted Keys Enchantment Key 9: Nature Seasons

Scavenger Hunt to Usher Out Summer of 2016

Let’s go on an end of summer scavenger hunt! Look back to your Summer Gift Registry before we create the autumnal one next week. What summer activities have been left unchecked? It’s not too late. Squeeze in this scavenger hunt to help you earn your Enchanted Key to Nature. Combine it with the Enchanted Key to Sensory Experiences. Pack a yummy picnic lunch and you’ll be all set to have an enchanting day. Now get out there and properly usher out the summer of 2016.


Pick a trail you’ve wanted to hike or pack the family up for a day outside at the beach or a nearby park. I’ll provide the list for the scavenger hunt and you bring some goodies to eat and drink.



-Copy this list and take it with you.

-You can do this individually, together with others, or on competitive teams.

-Don’t disturb anything in nature.

-When you discover something on the list, take a photo of it and check it off.

-This is one of those where everyone does win because everyone has gotten outside in nature and looked for beautiful elements in it.


  1. a heart-shaped leaf
  2. a male bird (brightly colored)
  3. a female bird (subdued colors)
  4. something shiny
  5. a butterfly
  6. a big rock
  7. a cloud formation in the shape of an animal
  8. a pool of water of any size
  9. a creepy crawler (aka snake, insect, variety of lizard)
  10. a pink flower
  11. a nest
  12. a natural element in the shape of a letter (bonus points for finding letters to spell your first name)
  13. a shell
  14. moss
  15. mud
  16. a dragonfly
  17. a yellow flower
  18. a knothole on a tree
  19. sand
  20. a colored rock

Have fun honoring the close of summer.

Stay enchanted!

Please share your adventures with us. Post your pictures on Instagram and be sure to follow me on Instagram @DrTerrySegal for everything enchanted.

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