Key 5: Reduced Clutter

Save Memories, Not Clutter

Save Memories, Not Clutter

Save Memories, Not Clutter. That’s the task to consider this week as we explore Enchanted Key #5-Reduced Clutter. We pay attention to clutter on the physical plane and are mindful of the Dragons of Stress that disguise it as treasured memories. Our goal? To honor the memories, without adding clutter to our lives.


Tough For Sentimental People

I should begin by sharing that I’m a very sentimental person. Also, I’m aware that a person’s energy can be contained in an object that they used or wore often. All of this makes getting rid of things extremely difficult for me.

Our son, the most minimalist of our three adult children, has already informed me that, one day, (hopefully a LONG time from now,) he intends to hold the memories we’ve made in his heart, his head, and his stories, and will get rid of all of my things. This makes me cry. His compromise is that he would help take several items to our youngest child’s home, as she is the most sensitive and sentimental of the three, if she wants them. She does.

My art, my books, my writing, journals, jewelry, my rubber stamp collection, my photos are a testimony to my life. Oh yes, there are also the kitchen tools, heart shaped measuring cups, spoons and dishes, as well as the three sterling silver pinecones I hang up each Thanksgiving. Let’s not forget the Pilgrim salt and pepper shakers. So there is more than I thought. My recipes are, of course, important, many of which were handed down from my great-grandmother to my grandmother to my mother, and then to me. I’ve made recipe books for both of our daughters.

And there are also the treasured items I’ve cherished from my parents and grandparents. There’s my grandmother’s Cameo pin and sewing machine and my grandfather’s pocket watch. My Dad received military medals and my Mom had a drawer filled with costume jewelry that I loved to play in as a child. Each piece reminds me of a special memory of when she wore it.

The Scary Clown Collection

I will tell you, though, that my dear mother, of blessed memory, treasured her clown collection. I apologize, but clowns freak me out. Neither I, my husband, nor any of our children want the clowns in our house, but when it became my task to sort through Mom’s belongings, I couldn’t bring myself to get rid of them. They meant so much to her! She and I even made some of them in a ceramic class we took together.

So, even though they give me the heebie jeebies, I couldn’t just box them up and take them to GoodWill. I tried to find a collector of clowns through an antique store but they wanted me to itemize each one (there are a lot) and have them appraised in order to come up with an appropriate price. So, instead of them being honored, they sit in a wrapped carton in our otherwise neat garage. I never said I was perfect.

Create Freedom Through Clearing Clutter

All of this, however, prompts me to suggest that you save yourself (or spare your loved ones) and declutter your life now. Not like you’re wrapping up and throwing in the towel by any means, but just lightening the load. You’ll create freedom for yourself and others, leaving room to make memories that will remain in each of your hearts, minds, and stories.

Save Things Mindfully

All mementos aren’t automatically clutter if they’re they’re intentionally used as decor or displayed, worn, or appreciated. However, if they’re stuffed into cartons in a basement, you pay for their storage, or they don’t serve a purpose and you don’t LOVE them, then find a way to honor the memory and let go of the objects.

We’ll work on this together.

Question of the Day

What is one thing you can let go of?


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