Compromised Health From Cell Phone Radiation
Key 7: Movement

Safety During Workouts Means More Than It Used To Mean

Safety During Workouts Means More Than It Used To Mean

Safety first while working out means a whole lot more than it used to. Back in the day, safety just referred to bending your knees when lifting heavy weights and being sure that your knees were aligned over your toes to prevent injury.

These days, safety can mean being mindful of where you put your cell phone while you’re working out. I don’t mean safety for your cell phone by putting it somewhere that it won’t get stolen. I mean keeping it away from your body!

Wearing Your Cell Phone On Your Body Can Be Dangerous

Cell Phones Emit Radiation

Cell phones emit radiation and yet, nearly every day, I see women at the gym tucking them into their workout bras! Men put them in their pants pockets, near their hips and genitals, or their shirt pockets, over their hearts. This radiation is in direct contact with the body. Additionally, the more your body heats up during a workout, the more your device does as well.

Cancers, Tumors, and Decreased Bone Density

It was discovered that some men who were treated for low sperm count, decreased motility, and decreased bone density in one side of their pelvis had kept their cell phones in their pants. Parotid glandular tumors have increased over the past few decades. This is the area of the body along the jawline where most cell phones are held while talking. Some breast cancers, testicular cancers, and brain tumors may be caused by radiation from cell phones.


The owner’s manual that comes with our cell phones offers a warning to keep the device at a safe distance from the body. Some health organizations suggest that it is unsafe to carry cell phones in direct contact with the body, or place them in close proximity while working or sleeping.

Distance Yourself From Your Cell Phone

So maybe while you’re working out, at the gym or elsewhere, carry your phone in a thick “holster,” bag, or purse to avoid direct contact with the phone, itself.

Safety while working out is still important, but please remember to protect yourself from radiation and electromagnetic frequencies.

Anxiety and Awareness Heightened

This topic may have raised your anxiety, along with your awareness. Let’s take our midweek Enchanted Breath, and during it, reaffirm how important you are to the world and to those who love you.

Enchanted Breath

Breathe in deeply and exhale, releasing tension from your muscles and nerves. Do a few rounds of those breaths, in and out. Then shake your arms and legs, hands and feet, as if trying to shake water off your body. Gently roll your head around in one direction and then the other.

Close your eyes and vow to be more mindful of taking care of your precious mind and body.

Enchanted Breaths are the “ahh, the haha, and the aha! of life.”

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