Key 8: Art

Restore With Artful Imagery in the Aftermath of an Emotional Week

Restore With Artful Imagery in the Aftermath of an Emotional Week

Restore yourself. This has been an emotion-packed week for many, so far, and we’re only a few days in. The sixteenth anniversary of 9/11 began the week, which will forever leave us breathless. This was followed by the wildfires raging out west, the cleanup efforts in Florida and neighboring states, to put life back together after Hurricanes Harvey and Irma tore their way through homes, families, and businesses.

A Beautiful Place as Art

We all need to take an Enchanted Breath. Thumb through a magazine, look through your photos, or select an image from Pinterest of a beautiful place of peace. Observe and appreciate the setting as art. Notice the various colors in the visual beauty of your location. Add your imagination to the layer of sounds, scents, and tastes. Walk yourself through the textures, envisioning yourself touching them and noting their feel.

Enchanted Breath

Let the tension drop away from your muscles and nerves. Feel the relaxation spreading across your body, releasing and relaxing from the top of your head down, down to the bottoms of your feet. If you fled the fires or hurricanes, allow yourself to feel safe and rest. Whisper some words of gratitude for having gotten through it. If you hosted a family or helped with some cleanup, restore yourself. Breathe in and release deeply.

Beauty in the Midst of Chaos

You are art. The landscape, even if broken, is art. Art marks time with a static image of a life-changing event. Experience beauty in the midst of chaos. Enter the scene and rest, relax and restore.

Place of Peace Meditation

If you didn’t get a chance to download your FREE Place of Peace Meditation, now might be a good time to listen to it and visualize the artful scenery. Go to and sign up to receive it. Take your Enchanted Breaths in a beautiful, tranquil, restorative, setting of your choice.

Enchanted Breaths are the “ahh, the haha, and the aha! of life.”

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