Key 10: Meditation

Regroup With Meditation-Back to Your Still Point and Feel Centered

Regroup With Meditation-Back to Your Still Point

Regroup your thoughts, feelings or balance. Maybe you did that on Thanksgiving. Think back a few days to the holiday. Did someone say something to you that hurt your feelings? Did anyone make an announcement that surprised you or caught you off guard? Did you have to regroup, in order to keep moving forward?

It might have been a big thing, or maybe it was small, but several times a day, normally, we have to regroup to maintain our balance. On holidays, things can be amplified and throw us back into old feelings or behaviors.


Meditation As a Tool

This is where meditation can come in very handy. Getting in the habit of taking a few moments to visualize positive outcomes prior to a holiday event or family function can become the snapshot of calm and balance that you return to.

The positive outcome might be a visualization of you remaining calm, centered and graceful, no matter what is presented to you.

A Rehearsed Still Point

On Thanksgiving Day, two of our guests came an hour and a half early! I was concerned that guests might arrive late and then we would have to decide whether to start without them or let the food get cold. But early? I was still in my yoga pants and my hair was up. I shrugged and revisited my meditation. I returned to my still point and carried on until my alarm signaled when it was time to get dressed.

Another guest wasn’t going to be able to show up until dessert. All right. Later on, someone else said something at the table that upset a few other guests. Okay. I’ve got this, I thought. A few deep breaths and the return to calm.

No situation is ever perfect, but if you can create a visual of your serene and balanced self, and visit it often, you can plug it in when needed.

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